Curtis Sensei 2nd DAN


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I was born into an Aikido/Rugby family so for as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around Martial arts and Rugby.

I started with Judo in January 2000, under Sensei Dave Sage, I was only 8 but managed to grade up to green belt before moving on.

I started my Aikido journey in September 2001, with Sensei Michelle Narey. After a few years and a few successful gradings, I was up to blue belt at this stage, I was awarded my hakama and was made an assistant instructor in the junior set up at Temple Gate dojo. I obtained my junior brown belt at the age of 15 and, at 17, started training in my father’s adult classes. Here I made many new friends; they were a great bunch of guys who made sure I trained realistically.

I had also been playing junior rugby at Barton Hill O.B. R.F.C. for many years and realised that this gave me a sense of reality where “conflict” was concerned. Unfortunately, in 2011, I stopped playing rugby to concentrate on my black belt grading and was rewarded with my first Shodan aged 19.

This was also the year my father and I set up Dai Ichi Gakko dojo. Not long after we found Kobayashi Dojos and have been members since. In 2014 I passed my Aikikai Shodan and my Nidan was achieved in 2016 both awarded by Hiroaki Kobayashi Shihan. As of 2017 I am now the Senior Instructor at D.I.G. and am looking forward to the challenges that offer up.

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