Founder of KUK Mac Sensei 4th DAN Dojocho


Sensei Mac started his martial training in the mid 60's studding Karate, in the early 70's he added Aikido and Kendo to the list. By the end of the 70's he had dropped Karate, Jujitsu and Kendo and focused all his training on Aikido. In 1983 he started the "Bristol Aikido Club" which later became Fudoshinkan. After watching a demonstration by Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan at the friendship demonstration in the late 80's Sensei Mac start to train in Aikikai under Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan. Sensei Mac brought the Kobayashi Dojo teaching back to the UK where he founded Aikido Kobayashi Dojo UK.

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