Richard Sensei 2nd DAN


Richard's Martial Arts training began in 1984 where he started training in Wado Ryu Karate, studying with Peter Spanton Sensei (8th Dan) and Graham Chuck Sensei (7th Dan) and then switching styles in the early 1990's, to Renshinkai, with John Richards (3rd Dan) and continued for for 25 years.

In 2006, Richard found Aikido, and it wasn't long before he found himself attending seminars by Donvoan Waite Sensei, Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei and Terry Ezra Sensei, he also met Joe Bowen, where he was introduce to Kobayashi Dojos. In 2009 he attended his first Hiroaki Kobayashi Seminar in London. And soon after, they both decided to open the Yongsan Aikido club. In 2012 Richard achieved 1st dan and in 2014 passed his Level 1 Coaching Course with the British Aikido Board.

In 2017 Richard achieved his 2nd DAN

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