New to Aikido

Thinking about starting your Aikido journey? Well there are a few thing you should consider before you select a club /style.  There are many types or styles of Aikido to pick from each with the own take on O’Sensei original teachings. For the beginner it is very difficult to notice the difference between the styles.

All Kobayashi Dojos train with weapons (pictured below); Jo, which is a wooden pole; Bokken, which is a wooden sword; and Tanto, which is a wooden Dagger. training with these weapons will be a regular part of your practice

weapson set

The most important question is, Why do you want to practice Aikido? We each come to Aikido for different reasons, sometimes it is for fitness, sometimes self defence, sometimes it is for personal improvement. What ever the reason you need to ensure that you get the the right training in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Hopefully the following pages will help guild you thorough the process.

What you need to know

Your 1st Practice


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