In the KUK we have only two colours of belt, Black & White. White belts are worn by Kyu graded students, and Black by DAN grades, DAN grades also typically wear a hakuma (pictured below)



The KUK run grading once a quarter for Kyu grades and once a year a Japanese instructor from Kobayashi Japan comes over to perform the DAN grading.

Grade Structure

With all grades there is a minimum amount of time and training that needs to be competed before you can attempt the next grade.  In order to apply for grading you need to complete and submitt the grading forms along with the fees to you instructor at least one month before the grading.

Black Belt

"White belt"

7th Kyu - minimum of 3 months since you started before you can take your 1st grading - £15

6th Kyu - minimum of 20 days of practice since 7th Kyu - £15

5th Kyu - minimum of 30 days of practice since 6th Kyu - £20

4th Kyu - minimum of 40 days of practice since 5th Kyu - £25

3rd Kyu - minimum of 50 days of practice since 4th Kyu - £25

2nd Kyu - minimum of 60 days of practice since 3rd Kyu - £30

1st Kyu - minimum of 70 days of practice since 2nd Kyu - £30

In order to grade you must complete the appliaction form and submit it to your Sensei at least one month before the grading

“Black Belt ”

1st DAN - minimum of 80 days practice since 1st Kyu & older than 16.

2nd DAN - minimum of two years since 1st DAN & 200 days of practice

3rd DAN - minimum of three years since 2nd DAN & 300 days of practice

4th DAN -  minimum of four years since 3rd DAN & 300 days of practice

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